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La Nouvelle-Orléanaise devant le carrousel, Place du Martroi



The mini-series about the Loire Festival is available on director Stéphane Serrat's Youtube channel. Interviews, encounters, history, and enchantment are on the program.



Welcome to La Nouvelle-Orléanaise website. It is a journalistic style website addressed to everyone. However, it has to be noted that the selection of articles that I make emanate from my very own sensitivity. I am a non-professionnal journalist; therefore, I offer you my vision of the city of Orléans and of its inhabitants primarily for fun. I would like to thank every person who consents to tell me their story, whether it is in their workshop or in a café. I hope you will experience as much pleasure reading my articles as I did writing them.


La Nouvelle-Orléanaise
La Nouvelle-Orléanaise devant Le Mur

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I really want to thank Chloé Daumal, a photographer, for her amazing photos of me in Orléans.To know more, visit her website: 

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