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The story of La Nouvelle-Orléanaise

At the end of August 2022, I took a teaching position at a training centre in Orléans, after years of teaching as a primary school teacher in various rural schools. On 6 January 2023, I moved to Orléans not only to be closer to my job, but also to have a more vibrant social life.

Orléans... Fifteen years ago, I was a student in preparatory class – an intensive two-year-post-baccalaureate course designed for the best students – at the Lycée Pothier, located on Rue Marcel Proust (close to the city centre).

At the time, I had absolutely not enjoyed the city as I was very dedicated to my studies. Additionally, I was a lot more attracted to the what was outside of France. At the age of eighteen years old, it was pretty clear to me that I would live abroad, far away from the Loiret. But with my life experience, I have come to appreciate it. I do not see things the same way as the eighteen-year-old girl used to anymore.

From my window, I can see the back of the cathedral, the enchanting sight of which I cannot get tired of. When the sun rises and sets, the picture is breathtaking. And when the bells ring, I have this strange feeling of being taken right into the story of Notre-Dame de Paris, by Victor Hugo.

If I left my position as a primary school teacher, it is to find a job which really suits me. While thinking about my career change, the idea of writing articles came to me. I thought about writing both in French and in English about the people who make this city charming and appealing, about cultural events or places of interest – alongside my teaching job at the training centre. Then, the pen name "La Nouvelle-Orléanaise" dawned on me. It reflects my new arrival in Orléans; the bond between the city and foreign countries (the United States in particular); but also the will to write "news" about my chosen city.

I have decided to start this writing of nouvelles, "news", by an article dedicated to a dear friend who has the power to shape clay: Anne Rouillé, ceramicist and owner of the pottery studio: OterreFeu, located at 12, Place Louis XI, Orléans.

I wish long life to La Nouvelle-Orléanaise. May it pay tribute to this medieval city of which I am fond of and to its people who give life to it!

Rue Jeanne d'Arc
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