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Artisanes, by Jude N Lou

Émilie, Sophie, Bérengère, Géraldine, Cathy, Lydia & Anaïs

On August 16, a new shop opened: Artisanes, by Jude N Lou, located at 16 rue Louis Roguet. I couldn't wait to discover it! Indeed, among the artists and artisans who joined forces to create this shop, I had already been following some of them on social networks, such as Emilie, alias Jude N Lou, who initiated the project. The creators, who are as talented as passionate, have managed to make the twenty square meter shop a bright and warm place, thanks to the presence of wooden furniture found on flea markets, local and gourmet artisanal products (honey, jam, herbal teas...), but most importantly by the presence of creations made from recycled and/or eco-responsible materials by the artisans. A very good article about the shop has already been written by Élodie, who works for the media Pour info in Orléans (read here), as well as by journalist Fanny Halard for the newspaper La République du Centre (read here). My wish was to be able to contribute, in my own way, to introduce this shop to the people from Orléans. You will therefore find pictures taken on August 16th, during the opening of the shop, but also photos taken on September 7th, in the presence of each of the « artisanes ».

Emilie, alias Jude N Lou: she loves the watercolour technique. She uses it on different mediums (such as paintings, posters, cards, bookmarks, flower seed paper planter - zero waste guaranteed). She also loves immortalising pressed flower petals by creating resin jewelry. Nature is the source of her inspiration.

Bérengère, from Atelier_B: fabric, she knows all about that! This seamstress makes accessories for children (school bags, pencil cases, bibs, etc.) and adults (bumbags, scrunchies, etc.), inspired by the latest trends.

Anaïs, from Madame Rêve: earth is her element. She creates elegant and poetic ceramic pieces. Let yourself dream!

Géraldine, from Créations de Dgé: passionate about leather, this leather craftswoman recycles leather scraps from major French and Italian leather good shops to make bags, bracelets, card holders...

Sophie, from AlpaSo: she breeds alpacas with passion and offers creations made from their fibre. She knits children's clothes but also soft adult accessories.

Cathy and Lydia, from MadameQuoi: the two sisters bring a breath of fresh air by putting women at the heart of their plaster creations that diffuse the perfumes of your choice.

La Nouvelle-Orléanaise

Useful information: Address : 16, rue Louis Roguet Opening hours: open Tuesday to Friday from 10am to 6.30pm, and Saturday from 10 am to 7pm.


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