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Atelier Pomme : the association that has silkscreen printing under its skin

No doubt about it, social networks allow you to discover real gems, such as Atelier Pomme, an association and a handmade silkscreen printing workshop that will be set up on Rue des Carmes next February. In addition to the uniqueness of this printing technique, the name of the association as well as the duo at the head of it: Eduardo Silguero and Chloé Dumontaud, intrigued me.

I therefore followed with interest its participation local heritage day at the FRAC in Orléans last September, as well as the launch of its "Farfelument Merveilleux Calendrier Illustré d'Orléans" (which could be translated by : The Harebrained and Wonderful Illustrated 2024 Calendar of Orléans) in which twelve artists from Orléans participated, some of whom I know and appreciate, such as Sofijo (March), Nathalie Ravier (July), or Natashilo (October) - to name but a few. In this 2024 calendar, each one had to express their "harebrained" vision of Orléans through the theme of astrology. In short, it is a mass of beauty printed with care in a traditional and handmade way.

One day as I was walking around town, I bumped into Eduardo; the desire to write about Atelier Pomme was born. I met him again on December 21st in the presence of Chloé and the artists Jade Rocher (February), Nathalie and Sofijo, who joined us to talk about their experience.

Eduardo & Chloé

LNO: Chloé and Eduardo, tell me about your respective backgrounds.

Chloé: After graduating from the art school in Orléans (ESAD) in 2010, I created the silkscreen printing company Chouette Studio in 2012 with Marianne Rulland, a friend from art school. We had the pleasure of working together until 2015. Subsequently, I continued to train and evolve as a graphic designer and artist.

Eduardo: Originally from Venezuela, I moved in the area for family reasons. I knew Chouette Studio because I was a freelance graphic designer for almost fifteen years in Orléans, but my meeting with a graphic designer who was working with natural inks at the old Moule à Gaufres (or Wafle Mould), located at the time in Rue Croix de Bois, was a turning point in my career: like Chloé before me, I wanted to silkscreen. It was in Lyon, the city of silkscreen printing in my opinion, that I learnt the technique, before finally creating Atelier Pomme in 2021.

Chloé: Our workshop is currently located in the new Moule à Gaufres.

LNO: What is the origin of the name of your association?

Chloe: Actually, it's pretty simple. We called it Atelier Pomme because... I love apples!

Eduardo: It's also a nod to the famous American company!

LNO: What does the Atelier offer?

Chloé: We offer a variety of things. We go to schools and participate in events to make the public midful of traditional silkscreen printing; we offer creative workshops; and finally we create for companies, institutions or communities.

Eduardo: Not to mention our creations, such as the 2024 calendar.

LNO: How did you come up with the idea for this wonderful calendar?

Eduardo: Orléans is a rather small city ; there's a lot of mutual support between the creators. And also, project ideas tumble out, because even if the famous silkscreen printer from Orléans, Michel Dubois, has paved the way, there is still a lot to do in the city.

So I had been willing to collaborate with different artists from Orléans for some time and the calendar seemed to me to be the ideal medium.

After talking about the project to Sofijo, we selected artists from our network. It turns out that this year, we only collaborated with women (I did the cover). They are aged between 17 and 57. Each of them drew a month of the year, including you, Chloe.

Chloé: Yes, I made the drawing for the month of May, for the sign of Taurus. We had two constraints to respect: to make a drawing in relation to Orléans and the astrological signs. For the rest, we had carte blanche.

Chloé, Jade, Sofijo & Nathalie

LNO: Today, all the calendars you printed have been sold. It was a real success! Are you thinking of renewing the project for 2025?

Chloé: Initially, I was scared of the size of the project, but the way people embraced it has been incredible. Also, it gave us the opportunity to collaborate with other local companies, such as the Peltier Printing House, which took care of the cutting of the calendars, or the company Copie Créa, which dealt with the bindings.

Eduardo: For the next calendar, we would like to invite other artists to collaborate. A word to the wise...

The harebrained artists

I would like to congratulate the artists Coraline Wyss, Jade Rocher, Sofijo, Hélène, Chloé, Valérie Marcilly, Nathalie Ravier, Amicie Communication, Studio Elski, Natashilo, Amélie Rodriguez, Armelle Taillandier and Eduardo for this wonderful teamwork showcasing our beautiful city of Orléans, its nature and its creative spirit.

Find Atelier Pomme on Instagram.

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