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Delightful tea rooms (part II)


Anne, the owner of Domo, and the shop window.

On August 19th, I continued going around the tea rooms that I like in Orleans. I stopped in the one opened by Anne in March 2023 at 6, Rue Royale. Its name: Domo, is an acronym for "Décoration et Objets Maison Orléans" (Decoration and Home Objects in Orleans). Therefore, Domo is both a tea room AND a decoration shop. Maybe that's why it feels like home. By the way, the name Domo is a nod to the Latin domus, which means: the house. Previously, Anne sold houses. Indeed, she was a real estate agent in Orleans – after working for fifteen years in wealth management, whereas she had studied Art History. Certainly, her university career was not vain, because the objects, whether deposit-sale or purchase-resale, are carefully chosen from 100% French craftspersons, sometimes even from local ones. The decoration of the shop itself is dotted with plants from Douket Jungle, dried flowers from Fleurs d'Antan and macramé objects made by Anne herself.

Photos of the shop

After a career as a saleswoman in wealth management and real estate, what led Anne to change careers to work as a shopkeeper? After a few years working as a saleswoman, Anne wanted to do a job that really suited her. She feels more like a shopkeeper, where the contact with customers is more authentic and the pressure is lower.

How did she come to combine tea room and sale of objects? Initially, she was determined to open a decoration shop because of her taste for beautiful objects. However, the discussions she held with professionals who advised her to take over a tea room encouraged her to embark on the adventure of a shop that is both a shop and a tea room.

With which craftspersons and companies has she developed partnerships? For the decoration part of the shop, we can mention the cabinetmaker Claire Salin, who makes her furniture from beginning to end from wood and wool. On the ceramist side, we find Sandra Gasnier, La Fabrique du Clos, Comme un Narcisse, or Jean-François Page. There are three glassmakers, with the glass blower Flowverglass, the craftswoman Florence Lemoine, as well as the oldest glassworks in Europe still in operation (since 1475): La Rochère. On the leather goods and fabric side, there is the leather goods manufacturer Les créations de Dgé, and the tea towels, aprons and cushions manufacturer Les curiosités de Francis. We can conclude with the plaster confections made by MadameQuoi, the objects in recycled material by Boutures d'Objets, the organic and vegan care and hygiene products by What matters and the watercolors by Nicole Guillot. For the tea room part, Anne serves the company Les Cafés Jeanne d'Arc's tea and coffee and calls upon a pastry chef from the city to make the cakes.

Does she offer other services? Professionals have the chance to come and work at the tea room, to organise meetings in small committees. Associations can also privatise the premises, as well as individuals (birthdays, bachelorette parties, etc.). At the moment, Anne is in the process of arranging the first floor of the shop so that, in the future, the creators and the craftspersons can animate ceramics, leather, drawing, or macramé workshops...

A cup of coffee and a biscuit. What else?

Useful information: Address: 6, Rue Royale, Orléans Opening hours: Open on Tuesdays from 2 pm to 7 pm, and from Wednesday to Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm. (Open on Sundays from September). Phone: (+33) 6 67 95 07 27 Other: Suitable for people with reduced mobility.

Find Domo on Instagram.

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