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Douket Jungle, smiles and flowers

The "Douket Jungle" shop

Douket Jungle is a small shop that does not go unnoticed. Indeed, if you have the opportunity to walk along the Rue de la Charpenterie, you will not fail to notice the terrace of number 56, where a parasol and a garden table invite you to sit among the few plants arranged here and there. And if you venture inside, you will see its owner, Amandine Doucet, busy in the shop or in her workshop among dried flowers, house plants, herbarium, flowers under a cloche, wreaths, flowered embroidery frames... Noticing your presence, she will welcome you with a sincere and warm smile – just like her shop.

I learned about Amandine's work through social networks.What she publishes reflects who she is in life; there is no difference: smiles, flowers,and a lot of love for her work.

On May 6th, I wanted to test one of the creative workshops offered during which I was able to make a beautiful wreath. Convinced by the experience, I decided to talk to Amandine on June 6 to learn more about her and her products.

LNO: Amandine, your shop is quite new I think. When did you open it?

Amandine: It has been open since January 2023, but in reality, I have been selling plants since 2018.

LNO: Have you always worked in this field?

Amandine: Not at all! I went to law school,but after a while,it no longer suited me. Little by little, the idea of making a living from my passion for plants made its way.You should know that I have always had a lot of plants at home. My relatives complimented me on the interior decoration of my house, on my creations...This prompted me to create an Instagram account in 2018 to sell plants bought at the Rungis Market. As it was successful, I joined a designer boutique in 2019.

In 2020, I partnered with another designer to set up a boutique on Rue Porte Madeleine. After two years of working together, I felt strong enough to have my own business: Douket Jungle.

LNO: You learned everything on your own then?

Amandine: Yes, I trained myself and I continue to do so. Also, my husband is a landscaper. He taught me a lot about plants and certain techniques, especially the bouquet one.

LNO: The name of your shop is exotic! Can you explain it?

Amandine: My name is Doucet, but on a trip to Turkey with my husband, people used to pronounce it "Douket", and it stuck! Our friends call us "The Doukets". As for "Jungle", it's a nod to the products I sell.

LNO: Let's talk about your products.Few people sell dried flowers.What do you like so much about them?

Amandine: Although I like fresh flowers, dried flowers last over time and there are no losses. There is an ecological approach. Also, in addition to dried flowers, I sell house plants because they have the property of purifying the air and are easy to take care of.

LNO: Where do the flowers come from?

Amandine: I would like to sell 100% French, but that's not possible at the moment. As far as the dried flowers are concerned, 50% of them come from the region, 50% come from Italy (for flowers with flashy colours). As for the house plants, they are grown in Northern Europe.

LNO: It's not just flowers in your shop...

Amandine: Yes, I sell products created by local female entrepreneurs, who are also friends. I can mention among them Justine, creator of the brand: "Onditputain"1, and Créations Marie,specialized in macramé creations. I want the shop to be alive.

LNO: You've been able to diversify.You don't just sell. What else do you propose?

Amandine: As you have experienced it yourself, I offer floral workshops on weekends to create a herbarium, a wreath, a candle... I also work to order: for weddings, baptisms and others. Today, I am fulfilled in my work; it is a huge satisfaction.

Find Amandine at the shop on 53, Rue de la Charpenterie (open from Wednesday to Saturday), and on her Instagram account.

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