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Delightful tea rooms (part III)


To conclude the series "Delightful tea rooms", let me take you to the Ex-libris1 tea room, located at 9, Rue Royale. I have known this place since September 2022. Until I moved to Orléans in January 2023, I used to go there every week after work while waiting for Charleston's class, as it is the perfect place to relax, work or read.

If the shop window is discreet, the interior of the living room is a real "Cave of Wonders", with its hundreds of books, its Louis-Philippe style tables, its very comfortable armchairs, its cozy workspace upstairs, its art objects, its magnificent piano, the source of natural light at the back of the shop, the dim lights, the comforting smell of tea, the homemade cakes, without forgetting what is undoubtedly the greatest pride of the waiter: the very rich collection of Gien, Limoges or English style porcelain tea sets. And for good reason! Drinking a delicious chai latte in a cup from the Renaissance collection (1941) is a privilege which is affordable even to small wallets. Ex-Libris is a place where every customer should feel unique for an unbeatable price.

As you can see, Ex-Libris is about an atmosphere. Nevertheless, we cannot talk about the place without talking about the employee who embodies it 7/7 from 1pm to 7pm, 365 days a year. He agreed to answer my questions on August 28, and I was also able to talk to the owner of the premises, Mrs. Eugénie Vonschramm, to complete the interview.

How long has the Ex-Libris tea and reading room been open? It has been open since 2018. Initially, it was intended for Ms. Vonschramm's daughter, but it was finally Ms. Vonschramm who took care of furnishing the place before hiring an employee to take care of the service.

What drinks does the tea room offer? There are hot drinks: coffee, hot chocolate and tea, but also cold drinks, such as fresh orange juice or fresh lemon juice with a drop of grapefruit syrup. Mrs. Vonschramm and her employee like to make their own tea; they use a base (green tea or black tea), to which they add essential oils, or dried fruits and flowers.

© Chloé Ldn

On that day, I had the chance to meet Chloe Ldn, a wonderful photographer, and be photographed by her. To see her website, click here.

Why did you choose to serve hot drinks in Gien porcelain? The employee of the house likes to offer a quality service to the customer by offering a complete set (teapot, cup, saucer, spoon) on a neat and impeccable table with light adapted to the customer's activity. Sometimes you will even have the chance to be served! Besides, any tea cannot be served in any cup. Everything must be harmonious. Thus, the color of the tea should be in accordance with the colours and patterns of the cup. In addition to his sense of aesthetics, the employee has historical knowledge: he knows the name of the collections by heart, as well as their year of production. The oldest in the shop dates back to 1900; this is the Coq set. The investment goes further, because he enriches the collection of the shop by hunting some bargains in the different markets and flea markets of the city.

The impressive collection of tea cups and teapots.

What makes the place special is also its books and works of art... Indeed, the books arranged on the many shelves come from an antiquarian bookseller. They are free to access. Some are even given away to customers for free. As for works of art, paintings, sculptures, engravings, drawings and others adorn the walls of the tea room. There is obviously the figure of Joan of Arc.

Useful information: Address: 9, Rue Royale, Orléans

Opening hours: Open Monday to Sunday from 1 pm to 7 pm.

La Nouvelle-Orléanaise

1 ex-libris: It is a term from Latin; it refers to personalised engraving that book collectors stuck to the inside of the cover or cover page.


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