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Gaëlle Wagner, creator of colour explosions

Gaelle Wagner

On May 26, I met Gaëlle Wagner, a painter from Orléans, discovered on social networks. Based in Orléans for 12 years, she has been painting alongside her professional activity for 15 years.

If becoming a painter was not obvious, it was an exhibition by the American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat that gave her the strenghth to start. "He painted on everything because he had this irrepressible need to paint. He went there at all costs".Gaëlle's technique? "Dripping", which was popularised in the works of the famous Jackson Pollock. But Gaëlle differs from the great master by the creation of a central light source, "a vanishing point".

My favourite? Etan, a painting in a different style, with dripping effects.

To find out more, visit her website:, as well as on Instagram and Facebook.

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