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Come on, come and have a drink at Glouglou’s

Doriane, Alexandre & Léa

Who doesn’t know the bistro-style restaurant and wine bar called Glouglou, located at 157 rue de Bourgogne? As far as I’m concerned, I discovered it the year it opened, in the summer of 2020. I have a rather precise memory of this moment, because I appreciated the warmth of the staff and the originality of the decor: objects found here and there, but especially bottles of natural wine lined up along the walls.

After moving to Orléans, I had the opportunity to go back there. As my impression was the same as the first time, it made me want to go and speak with Alexandre – the boss and chef of Glouglou – on May 26, 2023. I was able to ask him a few questions over the custom-made counter while he was preparing the evening meal, accompanied by his waitresses: Léa and Doriane. Happy moment guaranteed!

LNO: Alexandre, can you explain the origin of the name of your business, Glouglou, which could be translated as Gurgling ?

Alexandre: It’s a name that corresponds with the warm and friendly atmosphere that we try to infuse through our choices of wines, dishes, furniture, or through our customer relations. It is also a term used by natural wine lovers: a « glouglou wine » is a fairly light and fresh wine that one wants to drink again. Our bar only offers natural wines.

LNO: How did you discover natural wine?

Alexandre: Before opening my own business, I worked for three years at the bistro Bec à Vin, Place du Châtelet. It was there that I became acquainted with natural wine and got interested in cooking.

LNO: Where do the wines you offer at Glouglou’s come from?

Alexandre: Some wines come from abroad – Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Georgia, etc. – but most of our bottles come from France. We work directly with winegrowers who possess the eco-label.

LNO: Few bars offer natural wine. How do natural wine lovers manage to find you?

Alexandre: They can find us on the app: Raisin. Thanks to this interface, we sometimes welcome a foreign clientele: British, Germans, Belgians or Swiss.

LNO: Tell me a bit more about the cuisine you offer. The menu changes daily. How do you work?

Alexandre: The way we select the food is the same as with the wines. We are committed to offering a cuisine with local fruits and vegetables from organic farming, sourdough bread made at the bakery Pâtisseries de la cathédrale, French meat, as well as fish sold at auction, without any intermediary. Fish is our star ingredient; its quality is incomparable. Depending on the arrivals, I develop recipes that are actually a mixture of different recipes, cuisines or influences. Every day is different!

LNO: What are your plans for the future?

Alexandre: Above all, we want the restaurant to continue to prosper, especially through collaborations, such as the one with the bar Les Dix Fûts for the summer period. Our two brands are indeed present at the « Ponton », which is an open-air cafe located at Quai du Châtelet. Together, we develop the wine list, the menus, as well as the musical program.

LNO: How can we follow the news of Glouglou?

Alexandre: We are present on Facebook and Instagram. We also have a website: where reservations are possible. Do not hesitate to come! It is time for a bit of indulgence.

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