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On 11 April, I went to the workshop: L’Éphémère (which could be translated as: The pop-up shop), located on 7, rue Croix de Malte. It is owned by Aurélien Torres, also known as Mr T. I had seen photos of his private preview – which took place on 7 April – on social networks. I was attracted by the colour contrast, the modernity and the energy of the works exhibited.

When I entered, Aurélien took the time to greet me, to show me his works as well as other artists’ from Orléans, to whom he rents the fully renovated workshop. The layout of the works is harmonious; it accentuates everybody’s work. If you are into street art or into modern art in general, you may be attracted by Teejo’s digital art, Tag Lady’s mosaics*, or Mr T’s paintings on spray cans and canvas.

They want their art to be accessible to all; Aurélien even initiates those who are willing to try street art or pop art during creative workshops led by Aurélien himself. I tried one… of course, I left the place with a piece of art!

All of this made me want to shine light on L’Éphémère, a place where art and people can meet.

Aurélien Torres, just next to the workshop

LNO: The concept of your workshop is interesting and singular in Orléans! Why did you settle here?

Aurélien: I have Spanish blood but I am from Orléans. Even though I have travelled quite a bit, my close family lives here. I also want to offer people joy and colours through discussions we can have around the works.

LNO: What were your first steps in the world of art?

Aurélien: As a child, I already loved drawing; I would create hybrid characters. I perfected the colouring technique until the age of 13-14 before stopping drawing completely. It was during the months of convalescence that followed a traffic accident, at the age of 21, that I launched into painting for fun, in parallel with my professional activity – I have a HND. When I did my first exhibition in 2019 at Le Club 15 in Orléans, I understood that people were receptive to what I was creating. Finally, I have been devoting myself entirely to art only since January of this year.

LNO: Today, you do a lot of street art. What was the path and what were your influences?

Aurélien: Regarding art, I was interested in everything that had been or was being done before finally turning to street art/pop art. The painting made by Shepard Fairey – aka Obey – for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in 2009 was a major influence. Then I discovered the art of Mr. Brainwash, a French artist living in the United States who works on different material and who is a pioneer in mixing pop culture with street art. This taste for colours and textures is reflected in what I create, and I too like to experiment on all kinds of material.

LNO: What do you represent in your work? What message do you want to convey?

Aurélien: I like to represent a face, known or unknown, and add colour. If the person is famous, I enjoy taking them out of their usual context or conveying a message focused on values that are dear to me, such as love, freedom or hope, with a touch of humour.

LNO: Other artists exhibit in your shop. Will there be other collaborations in the future?

Aurélien: Yes, that’s why I chose to call my workshop: L’Éphémère. I rent the premises to artists from Orléans who have a project related to creation. This place is intended to be a place of exchanges, meetings and movement. This requires the diversification of the works proposed. In the future, for example, I would like to host some ready-to-wear.

Tag Lady's mosaics Teejo's digital art

LNO: Where can we find you?

Aurélien: You can find me at the shop from Monday to Friday, and on Saturday morning by appointment, as well as on Instagram and Facebook.

My piece of art

La Nouvelle-Orléanaise



You can find her on Instagram.


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