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Le Bibliovore, the bookshop which loves your books

This article on The Bibliovore was born thanks to a survey carried out on social networks among those who follow me. Indeed, after having exceeded 1000 followers on Instagram, I really wanted to thank people in my own way, namely by making them participate in the choice of the next article but also in the questions to ask. It is therefore this small bookshop, located at 3 Rue Péreira (right in the city centre of Orléans), that has been acclaimed among three other cultural places proposed.

I already knew the shop, not only because I'm a literature lover, but also because I like the principle: the bookshop buys your books at €1 per kilo, and you can buy second-hand books in very good condition at €3 per book or €10 for four. In short, it is an eco-responsible and social approach, and it was implemented by Corentin Halley. Indeed, it was he who opened the first Bibliovore in Tours in 2012. Since then, the concept has multiplied in no less than nine other cities, including Orléans in November 2020, so that purchases and resales are done as much as possible at the local level.

Admittedly, the Orléans shop is small; however, no less than 14000 books classified by genre (literature, foreign literature, children's literature, philosophy, psychology, history, thrillers, mangas, comics, etc.) are on display or in stock.

On October 17th, Virginie Chantraine, manager of the shop in Orléans, and Ophélie Got, her colleague, agreed to play the game by answering my questions as well as those of my followers.

Virginie Chantraine & Ophélie Got

@shy_mum_sing : How did you come to open this business in Orléans?

Virginie: Before opening the shop, I worked in a DIY business as a sales consultant, but I didn't thrive in this job; paradoxically, I didn't have the time to advise people properly.

One day, I came across an ad from Corentin Halley – the creator of the brand – relayed by La République du Centre. He wanted to expand the concept to other cities. So I jumped at the chance; then everything went very fast, even though the opening was delayed because of the COVID epidemic.

LNO : DIY and literature are two different sectors. Weren't you afraid to embark on such an adventure?

Virginie: I've been immersed in literature since I was a child – my mother works in the book industry. There has always been a lot of works in the house. I was also made aware at a very young age of the absurd phenomenon of the destruction of unsold books. That's also why the concept of buying and reselling second-hand books resonates with me.

As far as the management of the shop is concerned, Ophélie and I are supported by Corentin Halley, the founder of the brand, as well as by Valérie, his wife. It's reassuring to have a framework to respect while having the freedom to decorate the premises in our own way, buy local books and create the partnerships of our choice.

I also have the support of the other shops of the brand. We're like a big family! By the way, all the bookshops are in relation to each other. We talk every day and it has been our tradition to meet annually. In 2023, Orléans was the host. Not to mention that I'm not alone in the shop!

LNO : Yes, you had to hire Ophélie. It means that the concept appeals to the people from Orléans!

Ophélie: I was a customer of the shop myself when Virginie advertised for a part-time job on a permanent contract. Now, I work full-time. It's a real satisfaction.

At the same time, there is no real competition with the bookshops that sell new books. Each one has its own style and attracts its clientele, and that's a good thing.

Ophélie, at the cash register.

@studio_elski: Is it possible to make a specific request for books?

Virginie: We try to buy books that are likely to appeal to our customers, particularly by listening to each other's recommendations... It's not always easy to have everything, but sometimes, our customers find real gems.

@mes_carnets_litteraires: Are you planning to move to a bigger shop?

Virginie: Yes! For the past year, we have been actively looking for premises of at least 50m². We would like to have more space to store books but also to make it easier to move around. You've been warned !

@shy_mum_sing : How did your collaboration with Les Frangins come about?

Virginie: Les Frangins came to meet us when they were developing their escape game projects in Orléans. Mixing games and literature was consistent with our vision. That is how Le Bibliovore has participated in several escape games on the theme of Harry Potter or Jules Verne.

We have set up other partnerships, in particular with local illustrators for the illustration of our tote bags (such as the Allez-zou editions or Nathalie Ravier), the tea room Bio-Tea-Flor or the macaron designer Le Bonheur en Cuisine for events.

The shop window

Practical information

Address: 3, Rue Péreira

Opening hours: open Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Phone : 06 36 44 71 65

Social media: Facebook and Instagram

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