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Les Frangins

Allan, Chris et Franck

In October 2021, I took part in the investigation: « In the footsteps of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named », which was an event co-hosted by La Chasse Au TrésOrléans and Les Frangins. I travelled around the city as a team, meeting merchants along the way, to try to neutralize the dark wizards in the service of You-Know-Who. It was the first time I had participated in such an event in Orléans, and I was seduced by the concept because it combines reflection and discovery. When I saw that Les Frangins were organising a new event « The Quest: In the footsteps of the philosopher’s stone », I did not hesitate to try the experience again on April 2, 2023. As I was taking an interest in their work, I realised that they were above all artisans offering – in parallel with their activity – themed events around Disney, 90’s pop culture, cuisine, and others, in partnership with local companies. I wanted to meet Franck, the eldest of the siblings, who invited me to several of the evenings organized by Les Frangins with their partners, including the Cafés Jeanne d’Arc, Nachos or the Pathé cinemas.

LNO: Can you explain who Les Frangins are and who is part of The Siblings?

Franck: We are three brothers, but the concept of Les Frangins was developed by my youngest: Allan, as well as by myself. Previously, we both worked in renovation, but we were not so happy because we could feel the people’s need to go back to local production. In 2021, we decided to create our own renovation company in partnership with local and qualified craftsmen. The youngest of the family: Christopher, joined our company, as well as Julie, who manages the administrative part, and Laëtitia, the communication manager. We are from Orléans. We love our city. From the desire to work with craftsmen arose the idea of making events to experience Orléans differently through the creation of « La Fratrie » – The Siblings – which brings together merchants from Orléans and the surrounding cities. We developed the brand: We Are Orléans; illustrated by Adriana Line, an artist from the city.

LNO: Let’s talk about the events part of your company. What kinds of events do you organize and how often?

Franck: We grew up with the 90’s pop culture, Disney movies, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter… That’s why most of our events focus on those themes. Adults aged between 30 and 40 years old like to participate, because they take a leap back in a fun way. This can be in the form of an escape room in the city during the day (we currently do between 2 to 3 of them per year) or a private party at one of the Frangins’ partners. We want to continue to develop the events part of our concept. We already have great collaborations, especially with the Pathé cinemas, the radio station Vibration or Disney.

The interactive quiz; Shirley & Quentin

On May 21st, I attended the Disney show and watched the cartoon: The Beauty and the Beast at the Pathé cinema. I was so happy to watch this classic movie again! Those who are big fans of Disney could win some prizes thanks to a quiz. Shirley, from the Clavithèque, performed as Belle. Quentin performed as the Beast.

LNO: Can individuals join The Siblings?

Franck: Yes, because we created the Siblings’ card! It allows a card holder both to benefit from advantages at our shopkeeper partners and from privileges on our events (reduced rates, gifts, invitations to our private parties, etc.).

LNO: Do you work with the City of Orléans?

Franck: The City Hall recently called on us to participate in the medieval market at the beginning of May. Other projects are under discussion.

LNO: Where can we find you?

Franck: We have a website:, and we are on social networks: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and Tiktok.

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