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Les Vélos Taxi d'Orléans

Ludovic Primault

After a bicyle accident, it became difficult for me to get around due to a sprained knee. Also, as I made the choice to no longer have a car when I moved to Orléans, I had to find a way to get to my medical appointments. I decided to use the services of Ludovic Primault, @ludo_mcdq, owner of the company: Les Vélos Taxi d'Orléans, and here are the positive points I can draw from it:

1) Ludovic takes from point A to point B - I don't have to walk to a tram or bus stop;

2) It's ecological;

3) It's cheaper than a taxi - there is also a loyalty card.

In addition to the transportation of passengers, Ludovic makes home deliveries, city tours... with great kindness and generosity. I am very happy to have found this solution while waiting to be able to walk properly again.

It is possible to make a reservation on his website or to pay for it on site by credit card.

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