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Orleans Beer Festival

The idea of writing about the third edition of the Orléans Bière Festival, which will take place tomorrow from 11am to 11pm at Campo Santo, arose from my meeting with Paulette, barmaid at Le Ponton. She happens to be part of the Leo Club which, in collaboration with the Lions Club Orléans University, organises the Festival. She wanted to tell me about this event that is growing year after year. Discover our exclusive interview, which was conducted on Tuesday, September 5th at our friend Maison Hops, as well as a portrait of Paulette at the end of the article.

The team that organises the Festival (Paulette is at the front)

LNO: Can you explain what the Orléans Bière Festival is all about? Paulette: Since 2020, beer lovers or onlookers have met at Campo Santo to taste craft beer and meet about thirty local brewers (with a few exceptions) in a festive atmosphere, while doing a good deed; that of contributing to the fundraising for two local associations through the purchase of entrance tickets, goodies and boxes.

LNO: Which associations will benefit from this fundraiser? Paulette: The first association, "A rainbow for Clara", was founded in order to help Clara's family finance the care of their child. Clara is a little girl suffering from a genetic orphan disease. The second association, "Hopilote", aims at providing hospitalised children with small electric cars to transport them from one operating room to another.

LNO: What is your role in organising the Festival? Paulette: I am taking care of the overall organisation, especially the communication part of the event (social networks, invitations...). For example, to ensure that everyone enjoys the Festival, we have invited Radio Campus, RCF and Stud Magazine to come and record beer-themed podcasts and interviews live. I also take care of the recruitment of musicians.

LNO: By the way, what bands will be present? Paulette: From 2:30 pm, the public will be able to enjoy live concerts offered by local bands, such as Decibel Brass Band (fanfare), Les 45 Tours (pop-rock), Food for Mood (Anglo-Saxon pop-rock cover band), New Wave (80's-90's), INTI (world music) and a DJ set from the Mokolo collective (electro) to end the day on a high note.

LNO: Will there be anything to eat? Paulette: Food trucks will be present throughout the day. They will offer local and international products, with vegan and vegetarian alternatives. We want the event to be as inclusive as possible. LNO: Are there any activities planned for children? Paulette: Yes! Always in this spirit of inclusion, the Festival is a family event. That's why the doors will open from 11am. Soft drinks will be offered, as well as activities (face painting, games of skill ...).

Portrait: Paulette

She is only 24 years old, but she has already had a good life!

She has always loved children. This is why she worked as an activity leader in summer camps after graduating from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Bourges. She was even director of holiday camp centres for 4 years! She joined Le Ponton team this summer while waiting to be able to move towards an activity more in line with culture. She is part of various associations, including the Leo Club, because yes, she is also passionate about beer - and wine. In fact, she loves combining beer with a dish when cooking. In short, Paulette is a young woman full of life and energy that she shares through her various activities in Orleans.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. To consume with moderation.


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