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Delightful tea rooms (part I)


Thippa, in front of the Bio-Tea Flor shop.

On July 28, I went to interview Thippa, who has been the owner of the Bio-Tea-Flor tea room since September 2020. It is located at 20, Rue Sainte Catherine. This tea room illuminates this old street of Orléans with its warm and gourmet atmosphere.

Nursing assistant in a previous life, it is now by preparing home-made cakes and serving her own brand of tea that she takes care of people, all in a custom-designed setting with comfortable furniture. Concern for others is also reflected in the many partnerships she has made since opened the shop, showcasing artists from here and elsewhere, and local products. Finally, the variety of services offered: hot drinks, soft drinks, lunch formulas or delicacies, makes this tea room a must in the city.

What motivated Thippa to run a tea room?

She loves tea obviously, but also anything to do with tea: the atmosphere, the decoration, the contact with her customers...

The warm interior of the tea room.

What partnerships has she developed over the past three years?

As for decoration, paintings by the artist Adriana Line adorn the walls of the living room; Marie-Violette's floral creations (crowns, jewelry, etc.) are exhibited in the window, as well as Jude N Lou's jewelry or meca_chrysalide's salvaged objects.

As for food, in addition to her homemade cakes, Thippa sells macaroons made by Le Bonheur en cuisine; ketogenic muffins baked by Cétolicieux and honey made by Les Ruches de Fay. Finally, among the teas offered, we can find the Cafés Jeanne d'Arc brand.

As for events, she took part in activities organised by Les Frangins and La Chasse au TrésOrléans.

Does she offer other services?

Yes, Thippa has got multiple talents: she offers floral workshops for bachelorette parties, candle making workshops...

It should also be noted that the shop can be privatised, whether by individuals or professionals.

Useful information:

Address : 20, rue Sainte Catherine, Orléans

Opening hours: Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 12 pm to 7 pm.

Find more on her website:, as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

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