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The golden creators

La Boucle Dorée

The shop La Boucle dorée and Lucile Derouette, the owner

On July 21st, I went to the shop "La Boucle Dorée", located at 23, Rue Ste. Catherine, to exchange with its owner: Lucile Derouette. Originally from Orléans, she worked for a long time in the social sector before turning to the creation of fine and elegant jewellery; and she trained herself! She first started with online sales from August 2021, before finally opening her shop in April 2023.

How does she work? Lucile buys primers (nails, rods, pendants, beads, clasps...) and assembles them according to her inspiration or orders. The primers mainly come from European suppliers and Lucile works with a French foundry.

What does she create? For now, she mainly creates jewellery for women: rings, bracelets, necklaces, gold-plated necklaces, gilded with fine gold or gilded with fine gold with varnish to limit allergies as much as possible.

What are her plans? Eventually, she would like to turn to other materials, such as silver, and create more jewellery for men and children.

Useful information: Address: 23 Ste. Catherine Street, Orléans Opening hours: Monday: closed Tuesday: 11 am – 3.30 pm Wednesday: 12.30 pm. – 7 pm. Thursday – Saturday: 11 am – 7 pm Contact: find "La Boucle Dorée" on the website:, as well as on Instagram and Facebook.

Julia Brami

The shop Julia Brami and Julia Brami herself.

I have known Julia Brami's shop, located at 70, Rue de la Charpenterie, since I moved to Orléans. I had the opportunity to enter the shop several times and admire the fine, colourful and trendy jewellery that is on display. She also sells the products of other designers for whom she had a crush. For example, she currently sells clothes and headbands produced by the designer Violette Finet, as well as embroideries created by the Atelier Martine. On July 22, I decided to meet Julia and know more about her story. She has already been working as a jewellery designer in Orléans for about ten years, after having worked as a lawyer.

What did she think was appealing in the job of jewellery designer? Since childhood, Julia has loved to create on all kinds of supports and with all types of materials. Also, this job offers her the tranquillity and flexibility she aspired to as a mother. Finally, she loves the contact with customers. All its products are intended for women (or children on order).

With which products does she create her jewellery? All jewellery created by Julia is gold plated. The metal used is European, but the gilding is made of France. As for gemstones, they come from all over the world.

Is it possible for the client to create their own jewellery? Yes! Julia offers creative workshops by appointment for a minimum of two people. You can make a necklace, earrings or a bracelet under her supervision.

Useful information: Address: 70, Rue de la Charpenterie, Orléans

Opening hours: The shop is open from Tuesday to Saturday Contact: Find "Julia Brami" on the website:, as well as on Instagram and Facebook.

Influences et CréatOr

The two stores: Influences and CréatOr

Other jewellery stores caught my attention, including Influences, located at 9, Rue Louis Roguet, and CréatOr, located at 295, Rue de Bourgogne. These two shops belong to Nathalie and Franck. Nathalie takes care of the management and sales part, while Franck mainly takes care of the jewellery creation and repair part.

Franck & Nathalie

What attracted Franck to the profession of jeweller? He caught the jewellery design bug at the age of six in Algeria, where his parents taught. While walking in the desert, he met a group of Tuareg who, before his eyes, turned a tin can into a ring.

What is the history of CréatOr and Influences? With Nathalie, they had their first jewellery creation and repair workshop in 1992, Rue du Poirier in Orléans. In 2000, they bought the business of the former watchmaker-jeweller of the Rue de Bourgogne. CréatOr was born. Above the shop is the artisan's workshop. Machines, liquids, tools... Franck is at the same time chemist, even alchemist, artist and mechanic. He is able to create a jewel in green gold, blue gold, rose gold, silver... It is according to the customer's desire. In 2010, they opened the Influences boutique, a few steps away from CréatOr.

What is the difference between the two shops? At Influences, you can find high-end costume jewellery. Three-quarters of the products sold are produced by French companies. There are jewellery for women but also for men. The demand for the latter has increased in recent years, especially for bracelets and rings.

At CréatOr, there is jewellery, with gold and silver jewellery from their partner Les Georgettes, among others. Franck does not exhibit his products in a showcase because he creates and repairs on demand in his workshop. He has a preference for the creation of jewellery for bikers, being himself passionate about motorcycles.

Do they have a team to help them? A team of saleswomen works at the Influences boutique, and Franck is currently training an apprentice jeweller.

Some high-end costume jewellery at Influences

Useful information: Contact details: Jewellery INFLUENCES 9 rue Louis Roguet 45000 ORLEANS Phone: (+33)

Jewellery CREATOR

295, Rue de Bourgogne


Phone: (+33) Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm and from 2:30 pm to 7 pm Contact: Find CréatOr and Influences on Facebook and Instagram, as well as on the websites: and

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