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The Loire Festival: the 2023 edition

The Loire Festival, which will take place from the 20th to the 24th of September, is an event which has taken place every two years since 2003 and which is awaited by all inland navigation enthusiasts.

Indeed, the quays of Orleans – a former river port – are going to regain their activity of yesteryear again, just for a few days, through nautical demonstrations and educational activities animated by the associations of Loire sailors, fishermen, craftsmen and carpenters of the Loire.

In addition to the discovery of the Loire's heritage, it is an opportunity to feast in the different open-air dance halls (or "guinguettes") of the city.

The 2023 edition is special in that it will honour the St. Lawrence River, located in Quebec (Canada), as well as the sailors of the Basque Country.

Photos of the Loire river and of the quays of Orleans

I chose to write about the Loire Festival because it is an opportunity for me to pay tribute to this river that has always been part of my life. And if I have sometimes moved away from it, I have nevertheless always unconsciously sought it in my other places of residence. I was born in Gien, and I lived almost all my childhood in Châtillon-sur-Loire. So very early on I was sensitive to the wild beauty of the Loire, its fauna and flora, its apparent tranquillity, the violence of its floods, but also its drought. There is something magical about this river. I marvel at seeing a heron flying above its waters; I go into raptures at the play of light reflected on its surface; I dream when I see it escape to the ocean. For health reasons, I could not go on holiday this summer and despite everything, I did not miss it: the festive atmosphere by the river and the regular walks along the quays made me travel. At its contact, I feel soothed, and even when I do not directly see it, knowing that it is not far away is enough for me. When I went to study in Sheffield, England, the absence of rivers or streams created a need. During my master's year in Quebec City, I was happy to live near the St. Lawrence River. Although different from my dear Loire, it also had the power to soothe me. I am delighted to have it honoured for the 2023 edition of the Festival. What about the future? Like many, I am concerned about the low flow of the river. I hope we can celebrate its majesty and beauty for a long time to come. The Loire is as fierce as it is fragile. Let us preserve it. Happy festival to all!

The Loire river, celebrated throughout the city.

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