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Zigotastiques, the theatre school where the stage is yours

Every year in August, I always ask myself the following question: what activity am I going to do this year? This year was no exception.

I've always loved singing; so I directed my research to places offering singing lessons. I finally came across the Zigotastiques theatre school. It offered – in addition to theatre classes – courses in stand-up, cinema, musical awakening, poetry slam, artistic writing and... musical theatre!

Better than solo singing lessons, this school was going to be able to offer me the opportunity to sing and dance while meeting new people! It was the perfect formula for me, and so far, I haven't been disappointed. Indeed, every Tuesday evening since September, I have been experiencing moments of intense joy with the group led by the wonderful teacher Fannie, a graduate of the Cours Florent Comédies Musicales, would you believe!

This activity allows me to rub shoulders with personalities as rich as they are diverse, and to invest myself in the role of Marie-Patrick, a character from the famous musical featuring nuns (see which one I'm talking about?), and who is my own caricature. I take great pleasure in exaggerating my own traits, all in a benevolent setting where the line between joy and madness is tenuous. And it feels so good, so to speak.

On December 21st, our group will participate in the famous evening: "The stage is yours", in order to present one of the scenes of the musical to the public. Come and see us! And if you wish, you can also perform on stage (info here).

My participation in this event is an opportunity to talk about this school and those who make it work.

On December 1st, I had the opportunity to talk to Cécile, who founded the firm, as well as some of her team: Fannie, Louis, Jérôme and Lucie.

Lucie, Jérôme, Cécile, Louis & Fannie.

LNO: Cécile, can you explain what « Zigotastiques » means?

Cécile: It's a term that brings together three of them: « zigoto »*, zygomatic** and fantastic. This sums up the philosophy of the school quite well since I created it with the aim of making each individual find his/her place through a kind and joyful approach.

LNO: When you founded the school in 2017, what were your motivations?

Cécile: I love being on stage – I've been doing theatre since I was 5 years old – and I like it when this space is accessible to everyone; this is the principle of the cafe theatre. In fact, I've been dreaming of opening one for a long time, especially since in Orléans, there are things to develop to democratise the stage. My company Zigostastiques is a first step towards this dream.

LNO: Originally, it only was a theatre school. How did you come up with the idea of including other courses?

Cécile: It's true that between 2017 and 2020, I was the only one leading the theatre classes. And then I met Fannie in a leisure centre, while she was still studying at Cours Florent. I decided to hire her full-time. She's my first employee! Little by little, freelancers came to expand the team and offer their skills. Today, we are a team of nine people.

LNO: In addition to the courses, you offer other formulas, such as business coaching ; the monthly meeting on Thursdays: "The stage is yours" ; or even "Artistic Bubbles" on weekends to discover one or more courses ; courses during school holidays...

Cécile: Yes, companies or schools can call on us to strengthen team cohesion and build self-confidence.

As far as "The Stage Is Yours" is concerned, it is a monthly event that offers everyone the opportunity to perform on stage simply by contacting us by email. You do not need to be enrolled in a course to participate. Admission is free for spectators, but they are invited to pitch in for the show at the end of the evening.

The "Artistic Bubbles" are intended for all those who cannot commit to a year-round course or who simply want to discover a course alone, with family or friends.

As for the courses happening during the holidays, they are open to young and old alike. They usually last a week with a performance in front of an audience at the end.

LNO: Apart from the membership fees and all the activities carried out, is there a way to support your activity, your projects?

Cécile: We have just launched a crowdfunding campaign on Ulule in order to be able to buy the equipment necessary for the development of Zigotastiques. Even though we have more and more registered persons, the public health crisis has affected many companies, including ours. If we want to continue to offer a high-quality cultural offer in Orléans, we need everyone's support.

What I like most about Zigotastiques...

by Fannie, Louis, Jérôme & Lucie

Fannie leads theatre and musical theatre classes: "What I like most about Zigotastiques is to pass on my passion to students, whether they are young or old, and to see them blossom and show their true colours throughout the year."

Louisleads art writing, theatre and stand-up classes: "I love helping students assert their identity, and at the same time, I affirm mine through their contact. We learn from each other. It's really exciting! »

Jérômeleads improvisation, artistic writing and stand-up classes: "I like the freedom that is given to teachers. There are no expectations, I can experiment the way I want and try things. The only goal is to learn while having fun."

Lucieleads film and theatre classes: "I like to see people, especially adults, gradually freeing themselves from their mental blocks. It's very therapeutic, both for them and for me!"

Find the portraits of each of the members of the team here.

La Nouvelle-Orléanaise

Useful information :

Adress : 4 rue des Minimes – Passage Bannier / Joseph Lucet (HQ)

or 5 rue des Grands Champs (Studio)

45000 Orléans

Telephone : (+33) (HQ) or (+33) (Studio)

Social media : Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

* A « zigoto » is an enthousiastic person

** Zygomatic : the zygomatic muscles are the « smile's muscles ».


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